A Family Story

“Growth is in our DNA”

The Datacol story began with a project and a shot of all-Italian entrepreneurial drive.

“We are people with growth in our DNA.” Nothing can better describe the essence of Datacol and the reasons for its success than the words of its founder and director, Renato Mascotto.

This story, beginning in 1993, is one of continual success and ever-upward growth both in Italy and abroad. In the 2000s, the second generation of the company emerged when Andrea Mascotto stepped in to take over the General Management.
It is a story of continuous growth, which has seen Datacol become this sector’s first Group with all-Italian capital operating in fastening systems and consumables for professionals in Automotive and Crafts.
The company has achieved all this without ever losing touch with its core values and deep roots.
The roots of a family company that became a multinational concern.

And this continues to be the very heart of our company philosophy.

Proud of our uniqueness

In 1993 we started off, full of with enthusiasm and with a drive that sprang from raw passion and a hunger for affirmation and achievement.

Renato Mascotto, Founder

Renato Mascotto, Fondatore e Amministratore Gruppo Datacol

Founder and Director, Renato Mascotto

Andrea Mascotto, Direttore Generale Gruppo Datacol

General Manager, Andrea Mascotto

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