A network of consultants constantly in tune with your professional needs

Over 55,000 items for the Automotive field (Truck and Light) and for Crafts, made with innovative materials and technologies, constantly aligned to operators’ professional needs.

Not only high-performance quality products, but technical consulting available from a sales network throughout Italy, France, Spain, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Switzerland and Poland to help the customer choose the solution that best suits their business needs.

Activities served

  1. Agriculture

    • Farming, forestry and fishing
    • Sale and rental of agricultural vehicles

  1. Road haulage

    • Sale of heavy vehicles
    • Forklift trucks
    • Trucks and buses workshop
    • Heavy vehicle rescue
    • Cement mixer truck
    • Road haulage and logistics
    • Wholesale trade of fuels and similar – scrap – timber
    • Street cleaning
    • Green space servicing
    • Passenger transport
    • Bus service stations
    • Heavy vehicle hire

  1. Car dealerships

    • Car and commercial vehicle dealerships
    • Motorcycle and bicycle dealerships
    • Car and commercial vehicle hire / motor documentation agencies

  1. Construction

    • Painters drywallers and insulation
    • Construction companies
    • Floor layers and tilers
    • Scaffolders
    • Construction-related services (surveyors, architects, builders’ merchants)

  1. Tyre dealers

    • Tyre repair, installation and replacement
    • Wheel balancing and convergence

  1. Industry and general services

    • Industrial carpentry
    • Facility management
    • Food industry
    • Industrial maintenance
    • Production of industrial materials and finished products
    • Railways, airlines and shipping companies
    • Local authorities/public administration
    • Armed forces
    • Horeca, nursing homes, retail trade, large retail distribution
    • Professionals and associations
    • Cleaning and maintenance

  1. Civil and industrial installations

    • Civil plant installers
    • Industrial plant installers
    • Telephone and alarm system installers
    • Air conditioning plant installers
    • Lift maintenance
    • Refrigerator technicians
    • Irrigation system installers

  1. Wood

    • Production and processing of wood structures
    • Production and repair of pallets and packaging
    • Undertakers
    • Wood processing for furniture production
    • Wood restorers
    • Upholsterers and parquet installers
    • Removals
    • Furniture installation and sales
    • Production of wooden windows and doors

  1. Metal

    • Processing of metal profiles
    • Glass and stone processing
    • Production of aluminium and PVC windows and doors
    • Manufacture and processing of metal objects
    • Metal shelving
    • Installation of aluminium and PVC fixtures
    • Hardware
    • Sheet metal workers

  1. Heavy equipment

    • Quarries and mining industry
    • Road works, property developments and demolition

  1. Vehicle repair workshops and panel beaters

    • Vehicle electronics
    • Car workshop and roadside assistance
    • Motorcycle and bicycle workshop
    • Car mechanical repairs
    • Car dismantling
    • Spare parts and accessories sales
    • Car and motorcycle bodywork
    • Industrial bodywork and fittings

  1. Petrol stations

    • Car wash and garage
    • Refuelling

Logistics and retail areas of over 33,000 sq.m.

Advanced logistics over an area of 30,000 square metres and new stores for ever higher standards of service to our customers.

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