Datacol and KIA stronger together in the automotive market

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With enthusiasm we announce the new and exciting partnership between Datacol and KIA, an important alliance in the automotive industry landscape.

The partnership with KIA represents a synergy of shared values and goals. Both companies are committed to excellence, innovation and offering high-quality solutions to their customers. We are confident that together we can overcome every challenge and anticipate market demands by offering cutting-edge solutions that meet the needs of a constantly evolving automotive sector.

This partnership is a significant step in our mission to expand our range and strengthen our presence in the automotive sector.

The union between Datacol and KIA opens the door to a range of extraordinary opportunities. This partnership will give us the opportunity to expand our reach to new customers and strengthen relationships with those who already know and appreciate our products, to enrich the customer experience with reliable, high-quality products.

This will allow us to showcase the wide range of products in our catalogue, which offers not only a comprehensive selection for end consumers, but also specialised solutions for dealers, workshops and body shops.

We will work alongside KIA to ensure a smooth transition and a quality experience for our customers. We are eager to embark on this journey together and to witness the extraordinary results that this partnership will bring to the automotive world.

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