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The Story of the Datacol Group

The Story of the Datacol Group is one of passion, motivation and success now in its second generation, where a growing multinational company seamlessly blends the past, present and future of an all-Italian business venture.

1993 – Datacol is founded

1998 – New Datacol headquarters

2012 – New logistics centre created

2018 – Datacol celebrates 25 years


2023 – Datacol celebrates 30 years

The foundation of Datacol

Created in 1993 when founder Renato Mascotto vowed to create Italy’s leading company in the sale of fastening systems and specific products for professional use in the truck sector.
Datacol quickly developed and consolidated its position in the Italian market on the back of the commitment and determination of its employees.

New headquarters

In 1998 Datacol inaugurated its modern new premises.

Datacol France

Success encouraged Datacol to export the Italian model across national borders.
Conquest of the European markets became the new imperative: in 2003 the first Group’s subsidiary was established: Datacol France.

Datacol Hispania

In 2008 Datacol broke into the Spanish market with the creation of Datacol Hispania and took over the Spanish company Industrias de Fijacion Tecnica.

Datacol Austria

In 2010 Datacol Austria was founded.

New logistics hub

In 2012 Datacol inaugurated a new 15,000 sq.m. logistics centre designed to support the Group’s international development.

Datacol Croazia

In April Datacol Croatia was set up.

Datacol Poland

In 2014 Datacol Poland was founded.

Datacol Switzerland

In 2018 Datacol Switzerland was founded.

25 years of Datacol

The Group celebrates the 25th anniversary of its foundation.

Datacol Slovenia

In 2019 Datacol Slovenia was founded.

Datacol Portugal

In 2022 Datacol Portugal was founded.

30 years of Datacol

The Group celebrates the 30th anniversary of its foundation.