Sales Professionals

The development of Sales Professionals involves a structured training course, which combines and integrates the commercial culture that has brought success to the company, through a practical and effective sales method.

For people who want to become part of our Sales Team, we offer an onboarding and growth path made up of three different stages.

1. Selection process

This is divided into several parts, to give us the opportunity to create a reciprocal essential feeling for a profitable and satisfactory onboarding process.

2. Welcome onboard

The hiring process starts with a week of dedicated training.
We will explore the fascinating world of sales and that is why we call our training model “The Pleasure of Selling”.

3. On-the-job training

The training course starts in the classroom and continues in the field, with the ongoing and programmed support of the dedicated sales structure.
All this takes place in a context where training is interpreted and experienced as a continuous and permanent process.