Valuing people

Motivating people and enabling everyone to express their value

The extraordinary results that have distinguished Datacol’s path of growth since its foundation rest principally on the valuing and development of human resources

Putting people at the core of its vision

For Datacol this equates to a strategy of encouraging maximum accountability among its human resources.

Feeling accountable means being part of a project, sharing the company vision and knowing that everyone can and must contribute to the success of all involved.

Only this way can we ensure that human resources grow and develop their potential, and thus optimise performances and perfect skills.

The Datacol company culture embraces this philosophy: to motivate people and allow everyone to express their own added value.

Datacol today is an opportunity for growth and career optimisation. An opportunity for work and achievement, with the certainty that all those who commit to the challenge will take an important step up on the ladder of their professional career development.

We believe in training!

The Company Training School  grew from the desire to welcome onboard and properly train every person who becomes part of our Group.

We begin with training on our mission and on the values that distinguish the Datacol, before moving on to processes.

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